Natalie Portman Enjoys The Best of Both Worlds With Respect to Cars

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, to Shelly and Avner Hershlag, Natalie Portman has literally risen from the scratch as none of her parents have any connections in Hollywood. Completing her education in the New York City, Natalie‚Äôs net worth last year was $45 million. She, with her brilliant acting skills, won the BAFTA, Academy, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit, Empire Awards and many more prestigious ones in multiple years. 

 As per Forbes, Portman is ranked #100 of Forbes 100, making her a renowned and talented actress, producer and director. Yet to be featured in the list of highest paid actresses in ...

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Deep Learning Libraries by Language


  1. Theano is a python library for defining and evaluating mathematical expressions with numerical arrays. It makes it easy to write deep learning algorithms in python. On the top of the Theano many more libraries are built.

    1. Keras is a minimalist, highly modular neural network library in the spirit of Torch, written in Python, that uses Theano under the hood for optimized tensor manipulation on GPU and CPU.

    2. Pylearn2 is a library that wraps a lot of models and training algorithms such as Stochastic Gradient Descent that are commonly used in Deep Learning. Its functional libraries are built on top ...

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