Born in Jerusalem, Israel, to Shelly and Avner Hershlag, Natalie Portman has literally risen from the scratch as none of her parents have any connections in Hollywood. Completing her education in the New York City, Natalie’s net worth last year was $45 million. She, with her brilliant acting skills, won the BAFTA, Academy, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit, Empire Awards and many more prestigious ones in multiple years. 

 As per Forbes, Portman is ranked #100 of Forbes 100, making her a renowned and talented actress, producer and director. Yet to be featured in the list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood, Natalie also earns a decent amount of revenue from advertising campaigns such as Miss Dior Cherie fragrance and Lux. She also supports environmental causes and animal rights. In favour of antipoverty activities, she visits several universities spreading awareness of the Village Banking Campaign which helps the unprivileged overcome poverty. 

This gorgeous celeb, who’s an only child and is married to Benjamin Millepied, owns a Mercedes Benz S-Class car worth $96,575 and a metallic greyish black Prius manufactured by Toyota worth $30,000. Jew by birth, Nat, is also an ambassador of Free the Children, a charity organisation that functions internationally to grow safe and maintainable schools in developing countries. Her splendid house in LA has a huge library worth $3.45 million alone.

Talking of the cars that Natalie owns, her Mercedez Benz S400 Hybrid is powered by gas-electric powertrain with a combination of a 3.5-litre V6 engine from the S350 with an electric motor that generates 15 kW/20 hp and producing a torque of 160 Nm. Its average car insurance premium is about $2,510. Not too fancy, its just your average black limo. 

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 Whereas, her Toyota Prius is the greenest car available on this planet and a ton of celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker, including Natalie, own one. Iconic in style with hybrid performance, cutting edge technology and eco-friendly in nature, Prius is a gem with an average insurance premium of $1300. Being a smart woman that she is, Natalie has her cars insured for good. And no matter how wealthy a celebrity gets, they always prefer to keep one comfy and one exuberant car in their garage, for obvious reasons.